About ‘Ship to Shore’

Ship to Shore by Elizabeth KrallSally and Dermid have a problem: neither one will admit that they love the other.

They were drawn together while sailing a tall ship across the Atlantic Ocean, but their brief relationship ended badly. Fate gives them a second chance when Sally takes a job on Scotland’s Isle of Lewis, where Dermid is trying to begin a new life.

But fate is fickle, and it stacks the odds against them: Sally is afraid of commitment, Dermid is afraid of getting his heart broken again, and Dermid’s daughter hates Sally. And then there is Dermid’s unfortunate passion for bagpipes…

Set against the tempestuous North Atlantic and the windswept beauty of the Hebrides Islands, ‘Ship to Shore’ is a heartwarming story of two people who must learn to trust their feelings, and to trust each other.

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Praise for ‘Ship to Shore’

“I really enjoyed this book. I believe I finished it in a few days and thought about it while I wasn’t reading, constantly wondering what would happen to Sally and Dermid and if they would ever wind up together. … I loved the scenic descriptions and you can tell that the author definitely did her research. All in all, a wonderful read and a great escape during the summer time.”
– Chick Lit Plus

“I absolutely love this book. Very well written and you can very much imagine the entire story and Sally and Dermid. I was only going to read a few pages and read more in the morning but I couldn’t put this book down. I recommend this book.”
– Geeky Girl Reviews

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