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A reader lives a thousand livesApologies to those of you who are seeing the words in this quote again!

Yesterday I read a sobering post by a blogger who had been sued by a photographer for using one his pictures on her blog. As she put it, “I had to pay money that I didn’t have for a use of a photo I didn’t need.” So in the belief that safe is better than sorry, I pulled the image with the quote that I had posted last week and have substituted one with my own photo.

If you’re a blogger yourself, you might want to read the full post.

An interesting side-effect of this is that I now have a better idea of the origins of the quote itself. It’s not, as I assumed, something George RR Martin said in an interview or wrote in an article (and I confess right now that I had never heard of George RR Martin), but is a line of dialogue from his book ‘A Dance with Dragons’.

The book is number five in a fantasy series, which means I’m unlikely to ever read it as that is not a genre I enjoy. However, I’m intrigued by the way the quote has taken on a life of its own quite removed from its source. Google it, and you’ll find it on blogs and assorted web sites; go to Pinterest, and you’ll find it reproduced in various forms. It obviously resonates with people, as I discovered myself when a number of people ‘liked’ it the first time I posted it.

So now that my blog is lawsuit-proof once more, I think I’ll go read a book, and perhaps live one more life.